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Why Do IMEI Lookup ?

IMEI Lookup helps you to find your phone which has been lost easily by searching your imei number. An IMEI number is 15 digit number which is unique for each and every device.

Your IMEI Number is mentioned on the box which has come while you purchased your mobile. Please enter your IMEI Number from there and make a lookup

How we track?

We use a special GPRS Tracking system to perform a lookup of your IMEI number so that we can find your Mobile if GPRS is activated on your phone. If your phone does not have GPRS there is no way anyone can track ur phone unless the investigation department whcih is confidential.

Where are IMEI Numbers Stored?

The GSM Association IMEI database is the only official record of allocated TACs. All IMEI Numbers of registered mobile numbers are stored in GSM IMEI DB (IMEI Database). Our IMEI Tracker looksup from the IMEI DB to check matching TAC When loss of mobile is reported. Only network regulators or government officials (police, CID etc) are authenticated to track the device using IMEI DB. Our tool is used by them inorder to track IMEI Stored in IMEI DB.

Underpreting Search Results

Once you have made a search for IMEI Number, the results display operator location and city where your phone is found along with Google maps that display where your phone is exactly present now. Inorder to track the exact area please zoom into the maps to find where your mobile is present. This helps you to track your lost phone easily and securely get it back as soon as possible.

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