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Signal: GSM
Circle: Andhra Pradesh (Includes Telangana)
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Does IMEI Look Up Help?

Even though TRACKMYIMEI.COM is created to do a IMEI Lookup, we have made it lot easier for people to track mobile just by using MOBILE NUMBER instead of using IMEI Number, the reason being IMEI numbers are hard to memorize and easy to forget. Hence you can now just look up based on ur mobile number.

Use our home page to reach our search engine and just enter your mobile number to search where your mobile is located right now by entering your country code along with ur full mobile number. That is it!

Also note that, although, we try our best to provide details as much accurate as possible, There might be some miscrepencies in the results especially when the user enters invalid mobile number.

Trackmyimei is special system that allows users to search for the mobile location even after the mobile has been lost. we thought of creating IMEI search engine but here you need to search for MOBILE number instead of IMEI code.

Our mobile tracker includes all three mobile series in India – 9XXX, 8XXX, 7XXX, however, some of the numbers in 8XXX and 7XXX series are yet to be added to our database.

Usage Of Smartphones & Loosing Them

People nowadays are using smartphones and hitech models of mobiles which are highly expensive and losing them can be so painful that they have spent a lot of money to purchase the mobile. Hence our solution helps you to easily identify where your mobile has been gone and thus further find out the location of it.

This makes it important to monitor the use of mobile phones. Now, while security forces do have access to tools and information that help them find out the details they need about someone, this is obviously not possible for the general public. Well, we are not trying to say that such services or information should be made accessible to the general public (it will probably be disastrous to say the least), but there are times when you may need some basic information about someone’s mobile number.

There can actually be several reasons for this. While there may be many of them, we will try walking you through some of the seemingly most common ones below.

What To Do Once You Found Your Mobile?

What is the next step that you need to do as soon as you tracked your mobile location can be bit confusing. But here are your immediate steps

  • 1. Catch hold of theif who has stole your phone and handle him to nearest police station
  • 2. Make sure that your mobile is in working condition & no damage has been done to it
  • 3. Submit to the service centre to restore your factory settings of mobile
  • 4. Be with caution so that your mobile will never get stolen again in future

Laws & Punishments for Mobile Theft

Many people think of any particular laws that might be existing in your country which can track the thief and restore your mobile in normal condition. But most of the countries donot have any severe punishments for this act, Most common laws punish with a mediocre fine amount that would not cause any trouble. The average fine for stealing a stranger mobile phone turns out to be around 1000$ , However most countries follow the same punishments

Why IMEI Is Needed ?

You are confused on why IMEI Will be required when you can locate your mobile with your mobile Phone number. IMEI is a separate entity which can provide full factory details of a mobile along with settings. Memorizing IMEI Number is highly impossible due its character length. Hence , Powered by google maps, TRACKMYIMEI.COM has devised system to retrieve your mobile location just by using mobile number without the need to use the IMEI Number at all.